Friday, 23 September 2011

My indigenous garden

Olearia sp Twiggy daisy bush
Just a few photos of what's out at the moment for Jo. This daisy bush is very pretty in flower and a fairly neat grey mound out of flower.

Hibertia serica 

The silky guinea flower is in full bloom at the moment. I love their bright sunny flowers. It is also extremely drought tolerant.

Indigofera australis - Native Indigo

I love this indigo it needs tip pruning as it is a bit straggly but it is forgiven every year when it flowers. Besides not much else tolerates dry shade and looks as pretty.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The productive garden

European plum - Coes Golden Drop
It's early spring here so lots of new growth and flowers coming out. Here is one of the European plums. I have two young plum trees last year I had one plum this year they were covered in blossom so I'm hoping for lots more. The rate my kids are eating and growing I need as much as possible.

The garlic is growing much better this year. Last years very wet winter rotted out most of it. This year it looks like will be a good harvest.

Variegated sage
The variegated sage I planted out last year is doing extra well. The spot it's in is hot and dry in the summer but is shade all winter. So far from ideal growing conditions. I love this with pork or chicken. Later in the spring it's covered with pretty purple flowers as well.

The kale has done well it's not a family favourite and a lot gets fed to the chickens but I like its looks in the vegetable garden.

Baby figs
I've a small fig tree that I was given that just sat there for years in the drought but has finally taken off in the last couple of years. It's growing on a steep north facing slope that is baking hot and dry in the summer. The slope is a batter on the drive so it's growing in the subsoil and gets no supplementary water. Look at the baby figs. We are not sure what variety it is my Dad gave it to me and thinks it may be Brown Turkey.

New growth on the pomegranate
Who says that fruit trees have to be boring I love the orange new growth on our pomegranate. It's growing in the same conditions as the fig so it is as tough as old boots.