Friday, 27 January 2012

Nightjar Market 2012

I decided to try something new this year and went along to the Twilight market that is held in Torquay in January on Thursday nights, the Nightjar market.

There were lots of food vendors to choose from for tea, including perennial favourites such as hot, potatoes, BBQ sausages to Nepalese vegetarian and the coolest looking cones of calamari and traditional lemonade. And a licensed area for the adults to enjoy a quiet drink or to as well.

Lots of live music and street performers were around. The street artist playing with flames was a particular hit with the kids. There are some more of the night shots on Nightjars facebook page. I was busy at my stall them and unable to get away to take photos.

As usual there were quite a few resellers of handmade imported goods.

But amongst the stall holders we had a decent number of locally talented people to. A few that caught my eye included these cute little owls made out of kimono fabric by Sonia at sohsoh she had cute dolls and adorable handmade little birds on twigs as well.

Grant from Jungle Rain was beside me for all 4 nights and I was kept entertained by the antics of the teenagers trying out the extra hot chilli sauces he had. He grows the chillis and makes the sauces all himself as well. His very adorable little kids were well behaved to.

Andrea from Antigone.K had some very fun affordable handmade jewellery made from jigsaw puzzle pieces that she hand decorates.

Michelle from Unmatched candles was there with her all her soy candles in vintage teacups and glassware along with the more modern jars. Michelle provides refills to her customers to so they can keep on using their favourites. She didn't have her dinner plate clocks along as it was just too windy at the site.

Then of course I with Alchemist's Grove's handmade natural soaps as well. I had a lot of fun and will probably do at least one of these markets again next year.