Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Winter's nearly over isn't it?

I know winter isn't over yet but the winter solstice has been and gone. So being an eternal optimist with my garden my thoughts are turning to spring. 

This is even though my winter vegetables are just starting to bear like this broccoli.

Is it too early to plant seeds for the spring? Of course it is experience tells me. But it doesn't stop me from poring over catalogues to think about what to buy. But no first I really need to go through my seed stash and remember what seeds I saved from the year before. I know I have a bucketload of Purple King climbing beans as they always do well here.

But I always like to try something new. What will it be this year? Last year I tried rat-tailed radishes that you eat the seed pods of. They grew well but the pods tasted of RADISHES which no-one in the family likes. So I didn't bother saving the seed and I won't bother growing them again. 

I'll probably buy through one of these to companies who I've used before Cornucopia seeds or Eden Seeds I'm thinking of trying tomatillos this year. Has anyone tried them?

I find this time of year in the garden I'm waiting impatiently. Will any more of my young fruit trees blossom and bear fruit for the first time this year. And even more importantly when will the "egg drought" be over. 

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