Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Random Winter Photos

New Holland Honeyeater
Willie wagtail
I had an hour to kill this morning before an appointment. So I decided to walk up to Kingston Park with my camera as it was a beautiful clear sunny morning.

I was thinking it would be quiet up there but the birds were all out and making a racket. Lots of cute lorikeets in the canopy. My camera is not ideal for birds as I don't have a big enough lens but here are a few of the locals that were around.

The New Holland honeyeater calling out to the rest of its family there are loads of them locally.

The black and white Willy Wagtails who never sit still and when nesting in their cute little cobwebby nests scold and chase away birds 10 x their size.

Eastern Rosella
Crested pigeons

Eastern Rosellas we have lots of these resident in the area. They nest in old eucalyptus tree hollows locally.

These plump crested pigeons I never noticed here before the last drought but now you see them all the time feeding around the local football oval.

Nest box

My husband last school holidays downloaded plans for a nest box to build with the kids. This one is aimed at the Eastern Rosellas but there are plenty of other hollow dependant animals and birds that could move in. We are still waiting? We've got lots of hollow dependant parrots around here  so hopefully someone will move in.

Dusty Miller - Spyridium sp

The dusty miller in my garden is still flowering, seriously I think it has flowers on it 12 months of the year.

Golden wattle

Johnny Jump Ups
There was some golden wattle flowering but mostly it was like this one just days away from bursting into fluffy golden balls.

I love these cute little Violas and how they just spring up in random spots to brighten the garden.

A surprise yesterday I found these (just slightly LOL) out of season roses flowering in the garden.

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