Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Lilac essential oil soap

Well not really. As much as some people would like to advertise soap as lilac essential oil soap there is no lilac essential oil.

However if you love essential oils like me then there is no need to despair you can get very close to the scent of lilacs using a blend of Nerolina oil and a touch of ylang ylang oil.

What is Nerolina oil you ask. It is steam distilled oil from the leaves of broad leaved paperbark Melaleuca quinquenerva which contains high levels of linalool and nerolidol making it a gorgeous floral scented oil. The oil by itself has a gorgeous floral scent with a strong lilac note not at all what you would expect from a tea tree.

Lilac soap


  1. Thanks for this great tip. I normally use fragrance oils, but it is nice to know there is an essential oil alternative!