Thursday, 4 August 2011

All the Tiny Things.

I took a walk in the Ocean Grove nature Reserve this week and was surprised by the number of tiny flowers out already. The other thing that surprised me as I was there mid afternoon was how noisy the frogs were.

Running Postman - Kennedia prostrata 
This running postman was out quite a few of them have popped up since they did a controlled burn in there. No sign of flowers on mine in the garden yet.

Pink bells -Tetratheca sp 

I love these pink bells I had some in the garden but the drought took care of them.

Senecio sp.

I'm not sure of this Senecio sp. It's probably variable grounsel. I hadn't seen many around for I while I'm guessing it was too dry.

Scented Sundew - Drosera whittakeri

I love these little Scented Sundews and how the flowers (around the size of a 20c) are bigger than the rest of the plant.

Silky Guinea Flower - Hibbertia sericea
The silky Guinea flowers are just starting to flower soon the whole plants will be covered with the brightest yellow blooms.

There were also some Tiny stars and Bent Goodenias just starting to flower.
Tiny Star - Hypoxis glabella  
Bent Goodenia - Goodenia geniculata

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